How to with Gem – Polanight teeth whitening kit review.

So as you all know, I am always on the look out for the best teeth whitening options without a pricey trip to the dentist.. After considering getting clip in veneers I was talked round to trying this.. from 

I choose the 10% solution as I didn’t want to make my teeth or gums sensitive, the instructions were to use a mouth tray with a small amount of jell and keep in your mouth for hour and half every day for up to two weeks..
I bought 4 syringes which equaled 8 days.. using half of each syringe for each go, quarter on top, quarter on the bottom.. 

For the first few days I didn’t see anything but all my followers on instagram started to notice a difference.. the following week as I was doing a instagram story I noticed how white my teeth looked, and after the 8 days I defiantly had noticed a difference.. 

As I started talking to more people I had a feeling that the jel I had could of actually been the night jel and therefore for the last 2 days I kept my tray in all night, popping in just before I went to bed- therefore being in my mouth for at least 5 hours.. I think that is what made the difference! 

Top tips.

Buy the mouth tray off eBay- the one I bought from the website was unbelievably uncomfortable, and for a fraction of the price you can get flexible more comfy ones that you can sleep in.. 

Make sure you out enough jel in your trays, and try and keep off your gums with a cotton bud. 

Don’t eat or drink for at least an hour afterwards 

Lightly brush your teeth beforehand 

Start with a low percentage and work up… on my second go I will up the percentage to 16% as my teeth will be used to it. 

My teeth weren’t the worst colour beforehand but I have always wanted whiter teeth and this definitely gave them a boost.. I would be very curious to see what the 16% solution does.. 

Would I buy it again? 
Yes! It’s a much cheaper option compared to veneers, and it’s the next best step to going to the dentist and getting a kit from them! 

How much was it? 

It cost £23.99 plus £9.99 for the tray but I would recommend a tray from eBay where they are priced between £2-£3. 


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