How to with Gem- Skinny Caffe- Skinny Coffee

I’m a little (well a lot) late with this product review.. if you’ve been following my instagram you’ll understand I’ve been all over the place since my last cancer scare.. BUT I’m back and ready as ever to tell you how it is with all my reviews, starting with the skinny caffe’s skinny coffee. 

So what did I think? 

Well starting off, and I apologise as there could a bit off the ol’ too much info being thrown about during this review but… first point. 

It makes you poo.. 

I know what your thinking- of course it does it’s a laxative.. no, usually those type of things don’t work on me so for a product to actually work and do what it says on the tin is a fab plus point! 

Some of you will be panicking now- what if I need a poo and I’m out? It’s not that type of number 2 so no need to panic.. for the likes of myself who’s lucky to have a poo once a week, this made it more of a once a day kinda thing- which in turn equals one very happy and less bloated Gemma! 

The coffee itself is actually really tasty, doesn’t taste herbal like some of the other products on the market, it actually tastes like a coffee, you can add milk and I even added a bit of sweetener to mine.. 

The coffee looks a little herbal, it’s got little bits in it which you can see when your drinking it but A- doesn’t put you off and B- you can’t taste. 

In one packet you get 30 days supply and used with a healthy diet you can see a decent weight loss.. I’ve used mine in conjunction with being on slimming world, and as all teas, coffees, herbal drinks are free, I’ve classed this coffee as free too! 

In the 30 days I’ve used it I’ve lost just short of half a stone! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Heres a few points that I love! 😍

Bad points – To be honest I’m struggling with some bad points. I suppose the only bad point for myself is now Ive done the 30 days, I suppose I’m bored and would wanna try something else.. HOWEVER, skinny caffe have this covered as they have different teas and the newly released hot chocolate to try.. 

Another point to possibly point out is that if people are buying this for a quick fix weight loss- that’s not gonna work, you can’t buy this, not change your diet to suit and then be disappointed when you don’t see a loss- when buying and using this product you will and should have a look at your diet.. nothing drastic but you’ve got a better chance of seeing some results if you alter your diet a little bit.. like I said I’m on slimming world and it is completely slimming world and weight watchers friendly! 

Plus- 30 days of healthi-er eating isn’t going to kill you! 

All in all- would I buy it again? 

Yes! I think it’s a fab product, tastes good, makes you think about what your eating, gives you a routine and if used correctly, gives you some fab weight losses! 👌🏻👌🏻

You can buy from skinny caffe directly at

And the coffee I’ve used is priced at £24.95.. 

Well done skinny caffe. 🙌🏼


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