How to with Gem- Younique Make up review.

Hi guys! 

I’m a day late with my review pattern this week but I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had chance! 

So I’ve got a few products that I’m trying at the moment but first on my list to give my review is YOUNIQUE..

Now, I know what your thinking, is it really all that? 

Oh yes! All that and more

I’ve been using the mineral touch skin perfecting Concealer and the mineral touch foundation in the shade- Velour. 

I am always after make that covers my cancer scars without irritating them! And I have used a fair few but this concealer from younique is the best by far! 

It covers my scar unbelievably, not only that it covers tattoos and stretch marks, even with a small amount you get full coverage, so I don’t feel like I need to put loads of make up on to feel confident enough about my scars! 

The picture below is one I did last night, me on the left is bare face me, no make up, no nothing.. Let me tell you this- it took a lot to post this to my Instagram page!) 

The picture on the left is me, wearing both the concealer and a small amount of foundation on top.. The main reason I shared this picture is so that you could see how well it covered my scars!

Excuse the bear face Annie that is me! 

So let’s talk price! For the foundation it’s £30 and for the concealer it’s £23.

In my eyes that’s quite expensive for make up, HOWEVER, knowing that it works, makes it priceless.. 

I was a MAC person before using younique, but the coverage the MAC concealer and foundation gives is NOTHING, and if I’m being honest paying the extra few pounds I nothing if it’s for a product that A- works and B- lasts so much longer! 

I love these products so much that I became a presenter and although you can now buy it from me, I think people do because the results speak for themselves, people watch my stories and see before their eyes the difference.. the video below is the proof you need to see how well it works! 

So for now, younique is my new fave make up brand for scars- I would rather pay to wear these products then the prescription concealer that I can get from my surgeon! 

If you would like some more information , would like to buy from me or would like to be colour matched then please get in touch- email or on my Instagram page! 

With love, Gem x 


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