How to with Gem- Aldi Caviar 7 days Intensive Treatment REVIEW

Hi guys…

So as promised I have several products your all asking me to review and this beauty was one of them. So, I started this treatment 17th may, 8 days ago. and finished yesterday although techniquely as the tubs hold so much serum, I have enough for at least another week!!


So, I’m going to just run through a few pointers that I really wanted to highlight…

First being the price. £4.99 for a 7-day treatment is definitely one, if not, the cheapest priced product around.

Second, because of the price you don’t expect that much do you, well they are not in any way skimpy on the volume of serum in the tubs. However, I found if I used too much I would end up feeling rather sticky and draggy.

After a few days, I noticed my skin felt a lot more perk, the fine lines underneath my eyes seemed smoothed out and my make up going on a dream.

Best points.

  • Improved the look of the fine lines under my eyes.
  • My skin felt plumped, soft and smooth
  • Absorbs very quick
  • Great Price
  • Get a decent amount of serum

Bad points – There isn’t really anything bad to say but,

  • Can be VERY sticky.
  • And the biggest unfortunate bad point – It’s not anything special, this might sound a little harsh as it is only a £4.99 product but, it’s not remember-able, it didn’t do anything to excite me or think ” I love this about it so ill DEFINETLY buy it again” Which is sad because it is good.

All in all, for less than a fiver it’s a good little buy that does do exactly what it says on the tin, it is designed as a 7-day intensive treatment and it does delivery good results on little fine lines, it’s a great price and works perfectly as a little pick me up…

Would I buy it again? Possibly, Yes.

Stars out of 5? 3 stars. It’s a good average product.


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