Time to welcome change?

Evening my Lovlies.


As we know It’s wednesday and so I think wednesday’s need that little sprinkle of positivity to get us through to the weekend! This week, Ive felt different, a good different (i think) Kind of Like ive woken up and somethings clicked, where it came from, I have no idea, but sometimes you feel a shift in energy and even if its for the better it can leave you feeling vunerable.

Change is an inevitable fact of life, but knowing that doesn’t make it easier to deal with if you’re a fan of routine and consistency. Even positive change can be a challenge. And, in some ways, positive change can be more challenging in some ways.

Like ive said, my change in thoughts is most definately a good one, ive been in a bit of a bad place since my mole procedure, and even though i havent yet recived any results as to whether the moles were cancerous or not, Ive come to realise that what will be, will be but it doesnt hurt to stay positive!

Ive thrown myself into everything else, whether that be decorating or my diet and this is where i think the change has come, I feel determined, strong and most importantly, positive!

Reemember to keep these few things in mind when dealing with change.


This one probably keeps me sane 90% of daily life! I think it’s so important to keep an open mind, no matter what you’re going through. When it comes to coping with change — positive or negative — and open mind is essential. You never know what’s going to happen, and being open to anything will make everything you encounter, good and bad, easier to cope with.


Change, even of the good variety, is uncomfortable. Like most people, I generally try to avoid being uncomfortable. But, if I’m honest, the times when I grow and learn and experience the most are the times when I force myself out of my comfort zone. The mind is powerful, and if you choose to embrace being uncomfortable, you’ll most likely find that it’s not actually as unsettling as you told yourself it was.


One of the most important things I’ve been doing lately is reminding myself that, when it comes to times of change, it’s okay to be a little stressed. We may make the stress worse by thinking we shouldn’t be experiencing it. But change, no matter where it comes from, is unsettling. And it’s okay (and normal!) to feel stressed. Instead of resisting stress, I’ve been striving to face the feelings head-on, and doing so has made them so much easier to cope with!


This is one thing that i believe has definatly helped me this week, using my negative energy and turned it into a positive.. Focusing my energy on slimming world, and getting to a place and weight where i wanna be has given me a busy mindset, I havent bee sat round worrying or stressing, Ive been focused and determined on something else. This has been brilliant for being able to cope with everything so much better, so the change has been a positive uplifting experience.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week.

With Love, Gem x



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