How to.. Use Coconut Oil.

I love coconut oil, I love and use it that much I keep a bottle in my bathroom!

I use it in cooking, as a teeth whitener, moisturiser and for those on my Instagram will of seen my stories of coconut oil hair masks, after a 2 day dying marathon, my hair was 5054781247470_280_IDShot_3feeling pretty sorry for itself. So, whist ive been using it as a daily moisturiser i wondered whether it would make my hair feel any better for itself.

Even after only one treatment, my hair feels in such better condition. (Ill admit the two day greasy look wasnt the greatest) but if you can get past having your hair up for one day, you’ll be fine!

Heres what I did;

  1. Washed my hair like normal.IMG_4605[1]
  2. But Instead of using a conditioner, I used some of the melted coconut oil, and put it straight in my hair, I used as much as I needed to be able to feel the oil in all of my head.
  3. Wrapped it in an old towel and let towel dry.
  4. I didnt wash my hair until the following morning, and slept with a towel on my pillow.
  5. The following morning, I washed and dried my hair as normal (This is where it still looked a little greasy so I kept my hair up)
  6. Washed my hair again that same night.

Ive been repeating this routine for the past 3 weeks and seen a massive improvement on my hair, It’s no where near as dry or brittle and so many people have commented on how shiny and healthy it looks!

Going ahead.. I think I’m only going to be doing my ends from now on to carry on the treatment and the full head application only needs to be done once a month.

But its rapid popularity got me wondering what other things can it be used for? Theres all this talk in the press about it being the super-super food oil of many uses, but what actually are they? IDShot_540x540q

Heres my top 30 uses and tips to using coconut oil.

    1. Natural Skin moisturiser
    2. Wrinkle reducer
    3. Make up remover
    4. Homemade toothpaste
    5. lip Barm
    6. Teeth whitener
    7. Facewash
    8. Use on top of cutsIDShot_540x540
    9. Shaving lubricant
    10. Cellulite smoother
    11. Massage Oil
    12. Stretch mark reducer
    13. Insect repellant
    14. Anti-fungal cream
    15. Coldsore treatment
    16. Cuticle Oil
    17. Hair conditioner
    18. Make up brush cleaner
    19. Hairbrush cleanerIDShot_540x540m
    20. Natural Vapour rub
    21. Can be used as a creamer for coffee
    22. Use to make homemade scrubs
    23. Foot rub for cracked heels.
    24. Removes gum from hair or furniture
    25. Shoe shiner
    26. Cheek bone highlighter
    27. De-tangler for childrens hair
    28. Prevents and treats dandruff
    29. Use with epson salts for a healing bath
    30. Use after a shower to lock in moisture.

Do you have any uses for coconut oil? Any homemade recipes?

With Love, Gem x



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