The little things #1

Happy Sunday Everyone..

One thing Paul and I always do on a sunday for some reason, 18274976_10155891607580606_594703776248192791_nwe always have a giggle about the little things that happened that week, It’s usually started off by a “can’t believe that was nearly a week ago already!”

Its good to reflect though, good times we smile at, bad times we can’t wait to see the back off, either way we love and learn from them. So this starts my new sunday weekly blog post.. The little things.

This week nothing partically big has happened.

Last weekend was Max’s (My 9 year old step-son) Communion and that was really lovely, So nice seeing our little man all dressed up, he was so nervous saying his lines in church but he smashed them!

But as for the week.. Not much, Im off work at the moment aren’t I, If youve been following my instagram you will be part of the lovely people, friends I think of you all actually, who have helped me so much this week, Ive awaiting biospy results from a recent procedure to remove two pesky moles from my leg, doesnt sound much but the fear and anxiety that waitinf for results, especially cancer resuls can prove to be too much.. So if your on my instagram, Thank you! You’ve all been a massive help at keeping me SANE!

Tuesday, I went back to Slimming world after a couple of weeks off and was chuffed to find i had lost half a pound! After comfort eating everything IMG_4502[1]not tied down, i thought this was bloody brilliant!

Ive been doing a little testing on coconut for a upcoming ‘how to’ so its a good job ive been off work as i can only be resembling something along the chippan head! But i have found coconut oil has SO many uses! Stay tuned!!

We redecored the living room… AGAIN! I blame the anxietyIMG_4579[1] and need to stay busy but really i hadnt felt the living room was finished and im a wallpaper girl so paul decided to buy me the wallpaper i had my eye on.. The living room looks bloody gorgeous, een if i do say so myself! Carrying on my grey and silver obsession perfectly..

And finishing off this week with Paul being off this weekend, so that has just been lovely, weve all pottered about, done a bit of gardening, bit of family time. And the weathers just been lovely, so what more could you really ask for?

Like they say, a sunday well spent, brings a week of content!

Whats been your best bits this week? Lets make this week even better!

With love, Gem x


One thought on “The little things #1

  1. 💖 your new blog and yeah totally agree easy to use love your insta and your videos everything will all be good soon and you can kick anxiety butt(knows tht feeling so well ) 😘


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