30 things they didn’t warn you about your mid twenties.


It’s true when they say you grow old after you’ve reached 25.

Now, im reaching 27, I feel theres a few things they didnt warn me about when growing ever so closer to the big 3-0. When you reach 20, you cant wait to be 21, when your 21 you wonder what will happen when your 22, 22 seems to young compared to 23 and the next minute you find yourself 26 in the middle of dfs getting very over excited at the thought of buying a brand new sofa.

So, Heres 30 things to expect after you reach 25.

  1. You are no where near as fit as you used to be, im knackered walking up the stairs.
  2. Naps become the best things since sliced bread
  3. Your favorite shop soon becomes Ikea or Next home.. My poor bank balance!
  4. That wine that you hated the taste of when you were younger, suddenly tastes like heaven in a glass.
  5. Goodbye eating everything and anything you wanted too.
  6. Hello bloating, why? just why?
  7. You gain an obsession with cushions, blankets, covers, bedding, infact anything house related for me, zoflora and candles.
  8. Anti wrinkle cream includes itself in your weekly shop.
  9. You realise your mum and dad are actually alright.
  10. Everyone is either buying a house, having a baby or on to their second and getting married.
  11. Your sundays are no longer spend hungover in bed but either home shopping or at a christening.
  12. Having more than 3 glasses of vine will result in your worst nightmare headache tomorrow.
  13. You finally settle in to a safe sense of fashion style, classy jeans and heals rather then the tight little number showing off a lot more then to be desired.
  14. You have a close small number of friends who make you feel amazing!
  15. You realise who is and isnt there for you.
  16. Girls holidays now means a weekend away enjoying each others company rather then who can get drunk the quickest.
  17. You would rather have a girls night in with pjs and a takeaway rather then the hassle of getting ready for a night out.
  18. When you do venture out on a night out, your usually home with a pizza come midnight.
  19. You learn what clothes you can and can’t get away with.
  20. You will instinctively trust your gut a lot more.
  21. You have a mini meltdown when you realise your classed as having mature skin.
  22. You have an even bigger meltdown when you realise your in the overs section in the x-factor competition!
  23. Seeing pictures from your teenage years makes you cringe!
  24. You have a age that you always say you would wanna go back amd relive.. even if it wasnt that long ago, you act like it was 30 years ago… Id go back to being 19 again..
  25. You melt whist in the baby section of ANY shop.
  26. You can cook, or cook a lot better then the days you would survive on a pot noodle.
  27. Your holding down a job, car and house and feel like your completely winning at life!
  28. Theres no better feeling then getting your pjs on and a brew at 7pm at night!
  29. A simple spot doesnt cause the end of life as we know it.
  30. Your quite enjoying accepting who you are and what you like.. You finally think you’ve found yourself, your flaws and weaknesses but also your strengths and future goals.

Here’s to the next 30..


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