April Favorites.

Can you believe were already into a new month?

The month of April didn’t disapoint, It was one filled with family moments, fun times, birthdays, celebrations, a wedding, decorating,  plently of good food, drinks and even better company.

Heres my April top faves!

So we started the month off with one hell of a bang, 3rd April was indeed the date of our sky dive and when I say it was amazing, It was AMAZING!! Never in my 26 years on this earth did I ever think I would of had the balls, never mind courage to throw myself 136mph out of a plane at 11,000 feet.. BUT.. I did.. and at the risk of sounding corny, I am so proud of myself for it..  Its one of my greatest achivements, that I actually have cancer to thank for, If i hasnt of had cancer, I wouldnt be living every moment like its my last.



Pauls birthday was somewhere in the middle of the month and from what i remember it was a bloody good time, he basically had a birthday week that consited on many teas out, plenty of drink and two nights away, It was lovely having the time off work together and having the night away to remind yourself why you work so hard..

Work hard… play hard..

We stayed in liverpool for one night, which really isnt so much of an escape because we live 20 mins away but were really lucky too live so close to an amazing city! Theres always something new going on, favourite pubs, places and of course plenty of shops. I got a fab deal on a room from laterooms.com so it only cost £32 for a room right in the centre.

The next night away was in Ramsbottom, once again not actually that far from us, but you could of been somewhere miles away, with all that green countryside around you, we stayed in a spa hotel and it was so lovely, lets just say we got our moneys worth in leisure access.. It was my mum who found the deal on wowcher, and bought it paul for his birthday.. so anyone looking for cheap deals on nights away definetly have a look on their website, she paid £85 and for that we got an overnight stay, bottle of wine, 3 course meal and pool and leisure facilities for the two of us! Bargain!

One thing I always love, is family time.. With all of our ever busy juggling act of life, work and other commitments, its hard finding time for everyone, I mean I’ve only seen Paul this week because Ive been off. But I love any excuse for a family get together and what better reason then seeing my cousin get married! We were blessed with beautiful weather, lovey food, cold drinks and all our family and friends..


Beth, the bride looked stunning and of course so did my cousin Kris, but it was so lovely to have everyone together under the same roof, enjoying and celebrating. Not that I kept away during my Cancer battle but I secluded myself away from people who I felt couldnt see me at my worst, silly when i think about it now.. But i think this is a natural reaction sometimes.. Seeing everyone together made me realise just how important family is and that even though its hard, just making that little bit of effort goes a long way.. Are you too busy for family?

But, anyway… April really was a beautiful month… Here’s too May!

With love, Gem x








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