How to.. Renovate Your kitchen #1

After a million and one questions about my kitchen renovation, I was going to wait and do a full blog post about it but I’ve decided to do a 3 part-er! First being this post about the paint, tile paint and upcycling the cupboards, the second post will be about accessories and the 3rd final 8451b9_1fd713c792b74adfb0ec24048dc3ebdd~mv2post will be the finished room! Exciting!

There’s a fair bit still to go, but like I’ve stated on Instagram, this is all being done on a budget, using and upcycling the kitchen as it stands now.

 So, our mission started around 14 days ago, I decided… “I’m just going to do it”. I’ve been wanting to change the kitchen for the full 5 and a half years that I have lived in the house, it’s been driving me mad but always thought, “do this first, do that instead”. Plus, I’ve not been able to make up my mind on what colours I like and finding the courage to paint over them god dam awful tiles. I’m really into my upcycling, but a full kitchen make over?

This was a big risk but I think a risk well worth taking now looking at my finished cupboards and tiles.

After looking at diy videos on YouTube, doing a little research myself, I finally decided on the paint and brand I was going to use. I decided on the wilkos own brand range of kitchen paint and tile paint. (PLEASE NOTE. I don’t think the kitchen paint was meant for cupboard use, but I’ve used this brand on upcycling shelving and it worked perfectly) I’m a little cynical when it comes to paying extra for specialist paint when normal paint you can paint on wood works the same! I have used chalk paint and matt paint and found they looked near enough the same.

I was quite happy with my choices, after reading the reviews and spec I was confident the paints I choose were hardwearing, tough and washable…perfect.

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the cupboards.

How did I prep them?

All I did, was make sure the cupboards had been washed so any grease removed, I then sanded the whole cupboards down using a 120-medium grit sandpaper, using at least one sheet for each cupboard and making sure all the shine had been removed. Once this had been done, wiped the surface down with a piece of kitchen roll to remove any of the dust and that was it. I have been asked a lot if my cupboards were solid wood. No, they are just wood with a plastic coating but I have found no difference to the finish as long as the shine had been removed.

How many coats did they need?

My bottom cupboards where SO easy to paint, I think this was down to them being a darker colour, I could see exactly where any missed bits where. So, these only needed two coats but I did a third to be on the safe side.

The top cupboards, of the first off-white colour, I did two coats, decided I didn’t like it and then went on to do a further two coats of the mixed lighter grey and this has covered them perfectly. So, all in all, 4 coats.

 Did I paint or roller them?

I did both, I found to get the first two coats on it was easier to paint them by hand, but for the final coat I rollered and this left a perfect finish with no line marks. This is the same technique I used for both top and bottom cupboards.

 How long did it take?

I think all in all it took me 4 days to paint the cupboards. Spending at least 4 hours per day painting, then leaving to dry overnight.

What paint did I use?

Paint I used for the bottom cupboards was, Wilkos- kitchen paint in Mineral stone.

Paint I used for the top cupboards, was initially meant to be the Wilkos bathroom paint in moonlight white, but I didn’t like the end colour, so I mixed a quarter of the kitchen paint into the white to create a gorgeous matt light grey, which I used to paint the top cupboards instead.

Paint I used for the tiles, was the Wilkos, own brand tile paint in white.



Moving onto the tiles, this was probably where all my fears lay, I’ve painted and upcycled a lot of wooden items so the cupboards I weren’t too fussed about. But tiles? Whole new ball game!

So once again, after doing some research, asking people their views, watching you tube videos, I decided on the wilkos tile paint, the reviews are fab about this product and one of the things I loved was that there was no prep needed and the size of the tin, I knew I would only need one.

Some of the questions I’ve been asked about this tile paint have been…

How did I find painting the tiles?

I would say tile paint is very much like glossing. It stinks, it’s very thick and pulls a little when painting so I found little thin coats worked best. Once I got into a rhythm I found it easier.

How long did it take?

It took me 3 and a half hours to paint my tiled area.

Best technique?

As I’ve said, little thin layers. I painted the grout as well so I found painting all the cracks with a brush and then rollering over the rest let the best finish.

Did the paint drip?

Yes, If i used too much paint, it did start to drip but once I rollered over it, it was fine.

Best advice?

Make sure you have enough masking tape, a large enough cover for your worktops, all the ventilation you can have, I had windows and doors open and our cooker vent open. Wear a mask and try and wash your hands as soon as its finished, I still have paint on my hands 3 days later! And finally, make sure you have a spare roller, mine broke just as I was about to finish.

All in all, I think just painting the kitchen has made a hugeeeee difference, I love how it looks now, I feels so much more open and bright and I can’t wait for it all to be finished. My advice, do your research and stick to your budget but just try it… It can make such a big difference and save you a lot of money as well! This new look has cost me around £40 for paints and tools. BARGAIN!

Hold tight, up next… Accessories, flooring, painting and everything else!

Have you any redecorations skills, tips or advice? Get in touch.

With love, Gem x


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